Post embryo transfer –

Post embryo transfer –

 Things you should remember after an embryo transfer

1. Avoid processed foods.
2. Stay well hydrated-Drink 7-8 glasses of water.
3. Eat healthy food which includes fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and milk.
4. Avoid white carbs like confectioneries.
5. Completely stop smoking and alcohol.
6. You can carry on with routine activities but not overexert your self
7. Eat good carbohydrates.
8. Don’t neglect proteins and pulses.
9. No heavy exercise for a couple of weeks unless your embryo takes a safe place in the womb
10. Do not take too much stress. Invest quality time on meditation and pranayama.
11. Some might suggest you to take bed rest, for a day or two after the procedure.
12. Do not take any other medication without your fertility doctor’s advice.
13. You cannot change the outcome – all you can do is gracefully let nature take its own job!

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