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Six Sigma IVF and Endoscopy Clinic – Dr. Aarti Parakh

”In the search of Medical Excellence There is no Finishing line”.

Six Sigma Medicare and Research Ltd is a renowned super specialty hospital located at Mahatma Nagar, Nashik . Mission of the hospital is to provide all-round holistic treatment and to cater to various class of patients at very affordable cost.

Six Sigma IVF and Endoscopy Clinic is one of the super specialty wing of the hospital located in separate premises on the first floor. Six sigma is a growing fertility center with a vision of “In search of medical excellence, there is no finishing line”. Our mission is “To give gold standard, hi-tech, modern and ethical fertility treatment at affordable cost” and caring personalized service to see your dream come true”.

The objective of the Test Tube Baby center in Nashik or IVF clinic in Nashik is to provide quality specialized tailored made fertility and gynaecological services to every individual couple on par with western standards.

Dr. Aarti Parakh is an IVF Specialist in Nashik and she is is a post graduate from Seth G.S. Medical college & KEM Hospital Mumbai. She has specialized in Reproductive medicine, pelvic endoscopy and infertility ultrasound. She is chief consultant with the proven skills in infertility and related endoscopy.

We have a dedicated team of Embryologists, Andrologists , Counselors and Nursing Staff which are well trained in their respective jobs.

Individualized Patient Treatment Stratergy : We believe in every patient is different and so is the reason for fertility problems.  In our consultation first we always try to find the reason for your failure and work out a treatment strategy for you which assures you result in short time period.

Cost Effective Insurance like 3 cycle programme with high success rate :

1)         Affordability of treatment cost

2)         Success of treatment
We  have a solution for your hardles as our three cycle programme.
Highlights of 3 cycle programme

 1)         This includes all medications and other charges for three stimulated IVF / ICSI Cycle

2)         Any number of frozen embryo thawcycles apart from three stimulated cycles.

3)         Ultrasound demonstration of cardiac activity is considered as end of treatment

4)         Commulative success rate is 70%

Ethical treatment & Transparent communication : Dr. Aarti Parakh is an Infertility Doctor in Nashik at SIX SIGMA IVF AND ENDOSCOPY CLINIC.At our center we value the most is patient’s trust and privacy. So for every couple we make sure that they  understand there treatment thoroughly and can take informed  decision about self.

Continuous counselling and emotional support : Fertility treatment is emotional roller-coaster ride.  Our team helps you at each and every step to make your journey comfortable, assuring and happy.

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